The Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey. A cottage by Sir Edwin Lutyens at Munstead.

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Selected bibliographies are published as part of an occasional series in the Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey newsletter - now they have been gathered here for reference. Subject available so far, are:

Gertrude Jekyll ‘Artist - Gardener - Craftswoman’
The Arts and Crafts Movement in Haslemere
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Edward Burne-Jones
Sir Edwin Lutyens
William Morris and Merton Mills
John Ruskin
The Bloomsbury Group

A bibliography for Gertrude Jekyll ‘Artist - Gardener - Craftswoman’

Works by Gertrude Jekyll:

Wood and Garden, Longmans Green, 1899

Home and Garden, Longmans Green, 1900

Lilies for English Gardens, Country Life & Newnes, 1901

Wall and Water Gardens, Country Life & Newnes, 1901

Roses for English Gardens (with E Mawley), Country Life & Newnes, 1902

Old West Surrey, Country Life & Newnes, 1904

Some English Gardens (with drawings by George S Elgood), Longmans Green, 1904

Flower Decoration in the House, Country Life & Newnes, 1907

Colour in the Flower Garden, Country Life & Newnes, 1908 (3rd Edition, 1914 entitled Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden)

Children and Gardens, Country Life & Newnes, 1908

Gardens for Small Country Houses (with Lawrence Weaver), Country Life & Newnes, 1912

Annuals and Biennials, Country Life & Newnes, 1916

Garden Ornament (with Christopher Hussey), Country Life, 1918

Old English Household Life, Country Life & Newnes, 1925

A Gardener’s Testament, Country Life, 1937

Gertrude Jekyll also contributed many articles to The Garden, Country Life and Gardening Illustrated

(Some of the above list have been republished by the Antique Collectors Club; Gardens for Small Country Houses appears as a new edition, re-titled Arts and Crafts Gardens published by Garden Art Press)

Works about Gertrude Jekyll:

Primrose Arnander and Michael Tooley

Gertrude Jekyll, Essays on the Life of a Working Amateur, Michaelmas Books 1995

Richard Bisgrove

The Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll, Frances Lincoln 1992

Jane Brown

The English Garden in Our Time from Gertrude Jekyll to Geoffrey Jellicoe, Antique Collectors Club 1986

Gardens of a Golden Afternoon, The Story of a Partnership: Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll, Viking/Penguin 1982

Joan Edwards

Gertrude Jekyll Before the Boots, the Gardens and the Portrait, Bayford Books 1993

Gertrude Jekyll Embroiderer, Gardener, Craftswoman, Bayford Books 1981

Sally Festing

Gertrude Jekyll, Viking 1991

Fenja Gunn

Lost Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll, Letts 1991

Penelope Hobhouse, ed

Gertrude Jekyll on Gardening, Collins/The National Trust 1984

Francis Jekyll

Gertrude Jekyll, a Memoir, Jonathan Cape 1934

Judith Tankard and Martin Wood

Gertrude Jekyll at Munstead Wood, Sutton Publishing 1996

Michael Tooley and Rosanna Tooley

The Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll in Northern England Michaelmas Books 1982

Michael Tooley, ed.

Gertrude Jekyll, Artist Gardener Craftswoman 1843-1932, Michaelmas Books 1984


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A bibliography for the Arts and Crafts Movement in Haslemere

W. R. Hilltop Writers

E.W. Swanton

A Country Museum

Tim Winter and Graham Collyer

Around Haslemere and Hindhead in Photographs

Sarah C. Robson (former Assistant Curator)

The Origins of the Peasant Arts Museum in Haslemere in Text, Journal of the Textile Society, Vol.20, Autumn 1993

Haslemere Educational Museum Library holds the following:

Dr Lynne Walker and Colston Sangar

The Inval Weavers in Craft Quarterly, Summer 1981, page 2

R.E.D. Sketchley

Haslemere Arts and Crafts in The Arts Journal 1906 pages 337-342


The Spectator, October 1991, page 35

Newspaper cutting 30th September 1933 Conclusion of Peasant Arts Society

LD5 1052 Memoriam to G. Blount

LD5954 Appeal by Blount for proposed Museum of Handicraft for Haslemere

For a more general history of Hindhead and Haslemere during this period:

John Owen Smith

A Balance of Trust by East Hampshire District Council ISBN1-873855-12-5

Hallam Tennyson

Alfred Lord Tennyson - A Memoir, 1897

Herbert Harlakende Gilchrist ed.

Anne Gilchrist, Her Life and Writings, 1887

Helen Allingham & D. Radford

William Allingham - a diary, 1908

Thomas Wright

Hindhead, or the English Switzerland, 1898

E.W. Swanton ed. With P.Woods

Bygone Haslemere, 1914

G.R. Rolston

Haslemere in History, 1956

Haslemere 1850-1950

Graham Murphy

Founders of the National Trust, 1987


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A bibliography for Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Thomas Howarth

Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Modern Movement, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 2nd edition 1997

Robert Macleod

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Architect and Artist, Collins, 1983

Jackie Cooper (ed.)

Mackintosh Architecture, Academy Edition, 1978

Roger Billcliffe

Mackintosh Watercolours, John Murray, 1979;

Mackintosh Textile Designs, John Murray, 1982;

Mackintosh Furniture, Lutterworth Press, 1984

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: The Complete Furniture, Furniture Drawings and Interior Designs, London, 1986

Architectural Sketches and Flower Drawings by Charles Rennie Mackintosh Academy Editions, 1977

David Brett

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: The Poetics of Workmanship, London 1992

William Buchanan (ed.)

Mackintosh’s Masterwork, The Glasgow School of Art, Richard Drew 1989

Pamela Robertson (ed.)

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: The Architectural Papers, White Cockade 1990

Jocelyn Grigg

Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Richard Drew 1989

Alaistair Moffat & Colin Baxter

Remembering Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Colin Baxter Photography

Anthony Jones

Charles Rennie Mackintosh, London 1990

Patrick Nuttgens (ed.)

Mackintosh and His Contemporaries in Europe and America, London, 1988

Charlotte & Peter Fiell

Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Taschen 1995

Hunterian Art Gallery catalogue

Mackintosh Flower Drawings, Glasgow 1988

Alison Filippo

Charles Rennie Mackintosh as a Designer of Chairs, London 1974

Jude Burkhauser (ed.)

Glasgow Girls, Women in Art and Design 1880-1920, Edinburgh 1993

Pevsner, N

‘Charles Rennie Mackintosh’ in Studies in Art, Architecture and Design, Vol. II, London 1968


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A bibliography for Edward Burne-Jones

Arsene Alexandre

Sir Edward Burne-Jones Newnes Art Library (second series) 1917

Malcolm Bell

Edward Burne-Jones, A Record and Review, George Bell & Sons, London, 1892, 1898

Liana de Girolami Cheney

in S. Casteras & A Craig Faxon (Eds) Pre-Raphaelite Art in its European Context, Maddison 1995

John Christian, (introd.)

Burne-Jones, Catalogue of Arts Council Exhibition 1975

Georgiana Burne-Jones

Memorials of Sir Edward Burne-Jones, 2 Vols.1904, 1993

Ann Dean

Burne-Jones Drawings, 1993

Penelope Fitzgerald

Edward Burne-Jones: A Biography, Michael Joseph, 1975

Julian Hartnoll (Ed.)

The Reproductive Engravings after Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Julian Hartnoll 1998

Martin Harrison & William Waters

Burne-Jones, 1973, rev.1989, 1990

The Fine Art Society

The Flower Book; Sir Edward Burne-Jones, 1905

Timothy Hilton

The Pre-Raphaelites London, 1970

Mary Lago (Ed)

Burne-Jones Talking, Mary Lago 1982

John Nicoll

The Pre-Raphaelites, London, 1970

J.E. Phythian, Grant Richards

Burne-Jones, 1908

A.C. Sewter

The Stained Glass of William Morris and his circle, Vol.1, 1974 Vol. 2, 1975

W. Graham Robertson, (Ed.)

Burne-Jones Letters to Katie Lewis, Macmillan, 1925

Exhibition Catalogue

The Pre-Raphaelites, Catalogue of an Exhibition at the Tate Gallery, London, 1984

Bill Waters

Burne-Jones: A Quest for Love, Exhibition Catalogue, Peter Nahum Galleries 1993

Stephen Wildman & John Christian

Edward Burne-Jones: Victorian Artist-Dreamer, Catalogue of The Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition, 1998

Andrew Wilson and Robert Upstone (Ed.)

The Age of Rossetti, Burne-Jones, and Watts: Symbolism in Britain, 1800-1910, Catalogue of Exhibition at the Tate Gallery, 1997-1998

Christopher Wood

The Pre-Raphaelites, Weidenfield & Nicholson, London, 1981


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A bibliography for Sir Edwin Lutyens

Jane Brown

Lutyens and the Edwardians, Viking, 1996

Gardens of a Golden Afternoon - The Story of a Partnership, Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll, Allen Lane, 1982, Penguin 1985 & 1988

David Dunster (Ed.)

Architectural Monographs - Edwin Lutyens, Academy Editions, 1986

Roderick Gradidge

Dream Houses the Edwardian Ideal, Constable, 1980

Edwin Lutyens: Architect Laureate, 1981

The Lutyens Memorial Volumes (4 vols.):

A.S.G. Butler with G. Stewart

The Architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens, Vols.1-3., Country Life Ltd. 1950, Antique Collectors Club, 1984

Christopher Hussey

The Life of Sir Edwin Lutyens, Vol. 4., Country Life, 1950, Antique Collectors’ Club, 1989

Peter Inskip

Edwin Lutyens, 1979

Robert Grant Irving

Indian Summer, The Making of New Delhi, 1980

G. Jekyll and L. Weaver

Gardens for Small Country Houses, Newnes/Country Life, 1912

Mary Lutyens

Edwin Lutyens by his daughter, John Murray, 1980

Robert Lutyens

Sir Edwin Lutyens: an appreciation in perspective, 1942, Country Life

Daniel O’Neill

Edwin Lutyens: Country Houses, 1980, Lund Humphries

Clayre Percy and Jane Ridley, (Eds.) 

The Letters of Edwin Lutyens to his wife, Lady Emily, Collins, 1985

Margaret Richardson

Edwin Lutyens, Catalogue of the Drawings Collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects, 1973

Sketches by Edwin Lutyens, RIBA Drawings Monographs, No. 1, 1994 Academy Editions

Gavin Stamp

Silent Cities: An Exhibition of the Memorial and Cemetery Architecture of the Great War, 1977, RIBA

Lawrence Weaver

Houses and Gardens by Edwin Lutyens, 1913, Country Life, Antique Collectors Club, 1981

Exhibition Catalogue

The Work of the English Architect Sir Edwin Lutyens (1869-1944), Arts Council of Great Britain, 1981

A more exhaustive bibliography may be found at the Lutyens Trust


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A Bibliography for William Morris and Merton Mills

Anscombe, I., Gere C.

Arts & Crafts in Britain & America, Academy Editions, 1978

Cumming, E., Caplan W.

The Arts & Crafts Movement, Thames & Hudson 1991

Dore H.

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Ed. William Morris, Catalogue of Centenary Exhibition, 1996, V&A Museum,

Sheldrick, P.

Information on Morris & Company at Merton Abbey, 1959 William Morris Gallery

Thompson, Paul

The Work of William Morris, Quartet, 1977

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The Life & Work of William Morris, Studio Editions, 1995

Watkinson, R.

Pre-Raphaelite Art & Design, Trefoil Publications, 1970/1990

William Morris as Designer, Trefoil Publications, 1990


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A Bibliography for John Ruskin

Major Works by John Ruskin

Writings on Art and Architecture:

Modern Painters, 5 volumes (1843-1960; epilogue 1888)

Seven Lamps of Architecture (1849)

The Stones of Venice (1851-53)

Writings on Social, Economic and Political Issues:

Unto This Last (1862), articles previously published in The Cornhill Magazine (1860)

Time and Tide (1867), a collection of previously published articles and letters

Fors Clavigera (1871-84), a series of monthly letters addressed to working men

Munera Pulveris (1872) four previously published letters from Fraser’s Magazine (1962-63)

Other Works:

The Two Paths (1859) and A Joy for Ever (1880), based on lectures given in 1856-59

Sesame and Lilies (1865) and The Crown of Wild Olives (1866), collections based on lectures

The Ethics of the Dust (1866)

Praeterita (1885-89), an incomplete autobiography

Selected Bibliography

E.T. Cook and A. Wedderburn (Eds.)

Ruskin’s Works, 39 volumes (1903-1912).

J. Evans and J.H. Whitehouse (Eds.)

The Diaries, 3 volumes (1956-59).

J. Evans (Ed.)

The Lamp of Beauty, (1959) anthology of Ruskin’s writings on art

Mary Lutyens

Millais and the Ruskins(1967).

Ed. Effie in Venice, Unpublished Letters by Mrs. John Ruskin written between 1849-1852, (1967).

Kenneth Clark

Ruskin Today, anthology selected by and with comments by (1964).

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1983 Macropædia

a good entry on John Ruskin

New York and Phoenix Art Museum

John Ruskin and the Victorian Eye (1993) Harry Abrams Inc., catalogue of essays illustrated with works by Ruskin, Turner and the Pre-Raphaelites published in conjunction with major retrospective.

Robert Hewison, et al.

Ruskin, Turner and the Pre-Raphaelites by  (2000) published by the Tate Museum in connection with exhibition of the same title held from 9 March to 29 May 2000. A good collection of essays with excellent illustrations of works displayed in the exhibition.


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A Bibliography for the Bloomsbury Group

Isabelle Anscombe and Charlotte Gere

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Isabelle Anscombe

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The Diary of Virginia Woolf, 2 vols., London (Hogarth Press) 1977-78

Collected Works

Lee, Hermione

Virginia Woolf, London

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