The Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey. A cottage by Sir Edwin Lutyens at Munstead.

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The following lectures were presented during 2017

* Anne AndersonRene Lalique – Master of Art Nouveau Jewellery   27 January 2017
* Fiona RoseRetelling the Tale of Taylor: A New Look at the Life of Warrington Taylor   28 February 2017
* Matthew WilliamsThe Marquesses of Bute; Patrons of Opulence   28 March 2017
* Sarah SullivanMessrs Underwood of Dunsfold: Lutyens' favourite Builders   19 September 2017
* Alec HamiltonThe Arts and Crafts church – does it exist?   24 October 2017
* Michael PageA Less than Heavenly Match: Augustus Pugin and Viscount Midleton   28 November 2017

The following visits were made during 2017

* It’s Summertime at Goddards, Abinger Common   13 June 2017
* Annual General Meeting at Onslow Village Hall   20 June 2017
* A visit to the Wildernesse Estate at Sevenoaks   11 July 2017
* Norfolk Tour: From Norwich to the North Coast   25 to 28 September 2017
* Christmas Lunch at Woodlands Park, Cobham   10 December 2017



Professor Anne Anderson, FSA
Rene Lalique – Master of Art Nouveau Jewellery
Friday 27st January 2017 - 7.30pm for 8:00pm
at Onslow Village Hall

Although Lalique is best known for his Art Deco glass of the inter-war years, his career began in the early 1890s as the designer of the finest Art Nouveau jewellery. Patronised by the actress Sarah Bernhardt, Lalique created stunning pieces of jewellery from gold, horn, glass and enamel. He preferred opals and aquamarines to flashy diamonds and his jewels were about style and craftsmanship rather than vulgar ostentation. As his fame spread, his style was copied and debased until Lalique felt that he had exhausted the potential of jewellery. At that very moment, around 1907, the perfumer Coty asked Lalique to design some labels for his scent bottles but Lalique went one better and designed a new stopper – he had created the first customised perfume bottle. Soon Lalique was designing for Worth and other famous perfumers. Lalique died in 1945, but his company, based at Wingen-sur-Moder, is still thriving.

Anne Anderson is currently Associate Professor at Exeter University, a tutor at the V&A and NADFAS lecturer. Her specialist knowledge is of the Aesthetic Movement, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau and Modernism. Previously she taught on the Fine Arts Valuation degree at Southampton Solent University.


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Fiona Rose
Retelling the Tale of Taylor: A New Look at the Life of Warrington Taylor
Tuesday 28th February 2017 - 7.30pm for 8:00pm
at Onslow Village Hall

George Warrington Taylor was the Business Manager of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co from 1865 until his early death in 1870. Taylor has invariably been portrayed as a shadowy figure: a penniless theatre usher mysteriously coming into the orbit of William Morris before fleeing to Hastings with consumption in 1866 never to grace Queen Square again. Despite being depicted as managing The Firm at arm’s length from the south coast whilst tormenting Morris via the arsenal of his pen, this talk, which is based on original research, shows Taylor’s life was much more interesting and complex than hitherto presented.

Fiona Rose is the owner of Arts & Crafts Living, selling home interiors in the style of the Arts and Crafts era. Fiona is a member of ACMS and gave a lecture to the Society on Frank Lloyd Wright in 2014. She has lectured at The University of Cambridge, for the National Trust, specialist Arts and Crafts associations and for national and local charity groups.


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Matthew Williams
A lecture in partnership with Watts Gallery: The Marquesses of Bute; Patrons of Opulence
Tuesday 28th March 2017 - 7.00pm for 7:30pm
at the Watts Gallery, Compton

The Marquesses of Bute are an ancient Scots family who rose to prominence during the eighteenth century. Judicious marriages brought wealth and by 1860 industrial enterprise had made them one of the richest families in the Empire. The scholarly third Marquess was a great architectural patron. His extraordinary and intensely personal buildings include two romantic Welsh castles and Mount Stuart, his own home in Scotland, once memorably described as being like a head on collision between the Taj Mahal and a Victorian railway hotel. He employed the Arts and Crafts architects William Burges, Robert Rowland Anderson, Robert Weir Schultz and John Kinross. This lecture looks at both personalities and buildings, and examines the Bute’s legacy of craftsmanship and creativity.

Matthew Williams trained as an art and architectural historian before qualifying as a museum curator. He has been Curator of Cardiff Castle in Wales for twenty seven years, where he has overseen the conservation and re-furnishing of the building, as well as publishing new research on the subject. He lectures widely to The National Trust, The British Museum, NADFAS, and is undertaking a lecture tour of the USA and Canada in 2017.



Sarah Sullivan
Messrs Underwood of Dunsfold: Lutyens' favourite Builders
Tuesday 19 September 2017 - 7.30pm for 8:00pm
at Onslow Village Hall

The AMCS Recording Group, led by Sarah Sullivan, has been researching the little known world of Lutyens' favourite builders. An aspect of social history rarely researched, will reveal the craftsmanship in the houses Munstead Wood and Orchards; a glimpse of ‘a fine old carpenter who worked to [Lutyens’] drawings in an entirely sympathetic manner’ and allow insight into how everything in the house was specifically designed for it – ‘no random choosings from the ironmonger’s pattern book’ and ‘no moral slothfulness’ in the fittings. In Dunsfold we shall look at the legacy of Messrs Underwood, to explore Lutyens in miniature with the frequent deployment of favourite architectural details.

Sarah Sullivan works as a historic buildings and conservation specialist. Her work has involved construction, repair, restoration, adaptation and extensions to many designated and undesignated heritage assets. She has a deep understanding of historic structures with design skill and flair in exterior and interior solutions.


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Alec Hamilton
The Arts and Crafts church – does it exist?
Tuesday 24 October 2017 - 7.30pm for 8:00pm
at Onslow Village Hall

The Arts and Crafts was chiefly interested the secular: houses and the home – comfort, beauty and living right. Nonetheless, there was still a demand from some quarters for new churches, and Arts and Crafts architects, often despite themselves, took the work on. The result was a number of highly idiosyncratic buildings, masterpieces of the Edwardian era, designed by architects who were pantheists, agnostics and mystics - WR Lethaby, Randall Wells, Edward Prior and Edgar Wood - for clients with often rather unorthodox spiritual inclinations. Alec Hamilton, author of a much-praised recent study of Charles Spooner, examines this paradox through a number of little known but aesthetically seductive British churches.

Born in Glasgow in 1949, Alec Hamilton read English at Oxford, and, after a career in advertising, came late to architectural history. After a BA then MA at the University of Gloucestershire, he returned to Oxford in 2009 to do a DPhil thesis on The Arts & Crafts in church-building in Britain 1884-1918 which he is currently turning into a book. He has been a Trustee of the Landmark Trust and of Friends of Friendless Churches.


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Michael Page
A Less than Heavenly Match: Augustus Pugin and Viscount Midleton
Tuesday 28 November 2017 - 7.30pm for 8:00pm
at Onslow Village Hall

In the 1840s the irascible and unstable 5th Viscount Midleton commissioned temperamental Catholic architect, Augustus Pugin to beautify his estates in Peper Harow, near Godalming and County Cork in Ireland. The lecture explores what they achieved together and what and why things went wrong.

Michael Page is County Archivist at Surrey History Centre, the county record office. He has been researching the stormy life of the 5th Viscount Midleton for many years.


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