The Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey. A cottage by Sir Edwin Lutyens at Munstead.

William De Morgan tile

The Society for the Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey exists to celebrate and foster interest in all forms of art, architecture and design of ‘the Arts and Crafts Era’ - the period from 1860 to 1930. The Society is concerned with the conservation and awareness of works associated with the period and is gathering together information such as publications, photographs and drawings relating to this extraordinary period of creativity in Surrey.

The Society was formed in 1996 to act as a forum for those who share this interest and enthusiasm. Members enjoy a programme of lectures usually held at the Watts Gallery, where we have met since the Society's founding, study days and visits to places of Arts and Crafts interest and receive the Society's newsletters, issued twice a year. New members are always welcome and there are plenty of opportunities to assist with the Society's projects for those who wish to.




18 April

AGMThe Annual General Meeting for the Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey will be held on Thursday 29 May 2014 at the Watts Gallery.
Following the meeting, Gallery Curator Nicholas Tromans will give a talk Watts Gallery and Polenovo : An Anglo-Russian Arts & Crafts Partnership

15 March

Dates for the 2014 events and the autumn lectures are now available on the Diary page.

11 February

John Ruskin watercolourNew exhibition: John Ruskin - Photographer and Draughtsman at the Watts Gallery is the first exhibition to explore how the new medium of photography played a pivotal role in the evolution of this leading Victorian’s influential thinking.

7 February

Plans to save Limnerslease – the studio and house of the Victorian artist GF Watts in Compton, Surrey - received a boost, thanks to a 2.4 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to support Saving the Watts Studios, the first phase of the Limnerslease Project.
See the Watts Gallery for more details.

20 January

Details of the Spring lecture series are now available on the Diary page.

19 January

Blackheath Village Archives Group have set up a new website which contains a selection of photos from their collection and also provides more information about their research and preservation of the history of the village.

9 January 2014

Jane Morris portraitA rarely-exhibited striking pastel portrait of Pre-Raphaelite artists’ model Jane Morris, drawn by Evelyn De Morgan, is now on display alongside Evelyn’s oil paintings at the De Morgan Centre.

4 January 2014

Drawing by George Hart for a cup made for the Derby Rowing ClubCourt Barn Museum are currently holding an exhibition A century of fine silver in Campden, a celebration of the ongoing craft traditions of the Guild of Handicraft.

This exhibition is a unique opportunity to see drawings created by George Henry Hart (1882-1973), an Arts & Crafts silversmith who came to Chipping Campden in 1902, alongside the actual pieces created.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 2 March 2014.


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