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There is a wide range of books available on all aspects of the Arts and Crafts Movement. The Society has also published a number of titles.

At Society lectures there is usually a selection of books which are available to members at a discounted price. Any of the books listed below may also be ordered  for collection at Society events.

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Publications by The Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey

Book cover - Phillips Memorial ParkPhillips Memorial Park: An Arts and Crafts Movement Tribute to a Hero of the Titanic

A new book by The Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey is published as a memorial for the centenary of the sinking of RMS Titanic.

On the night of 14th April 1912, the unthinkable disaster happened; the White Star Line’s RMS Titanic struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage and sank within just a few hours with the loss of many lives. Remaining at his post, the young Marconi trained telegraph operator, Jack Phillips continued to transmit wireless messages until three minutes before the ship went down; he was lost at sea and became lauded for his devotion to duty; the Carpathia which responded to his messages picked up 705 survivors.

This new book by The Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey is published as a memorial for the centenary of the sinking of Titanic. The eight contributing authors, all experts in their field, put the events of that night into the broader context of the times.

There is an account of Jack’s background and training with a description of his actions in the radio operator’s ‘shack’ – his strength of character shines through. There follows the story of the efforts by the people of his home town of Godalming in Surrey to commission a memorial to his heroism and of the involvement of five purposeful women to ensure that memorial materialised in the form of the Phillips Memorial Cloister. Gertrude Jekyll the artist, gardener and craftswoman played a major role in the initial concept of the Cloister and its subsequent planting and the Arts and Crafts architect Hugh Thackeray Turner designed the building in the local vernacular tradition; their backgrounds and the influences they brought to the project are fully explored within the text. The creation of the Phillips Memorial Cloister is set within a wider consideration of the architectural design of the times and ethos of the Arts and Crafts period.

The Phillips Memorial Cloister, Grade II listed, is set in the extensive riverside landscape, now known as the Phillips Memorial Park, was always intended to be a ‘useful’ Memorial. Its history is followed, through ‘ups’ and ‘downs’, over the years and is brought up to date with a description of the newly completed Heritage Lottery funded restoration.

A bibliography and gazetteer of relevant local venues associated with the subject complete the book.

To order a copy and make arrangements for payment, please email us

Published by the Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey.

Softcover, 196 x 210mm, 56 pages with colour illustrations. Published 2012, ISBN: 978-0-9537615-6-2. Price £8.95 + £1.42 p&p.

Anna Lea Merritt’s Murals: Wall paintings in a Surrey Church

Anna Lea Merritt’s little known mural paintings of the life of Christ for the church of St. Martin’s, Blackheath in Surrey provide the focus for this book.

Merritt (1844-1930) was a successful and prolific artist, best known as the first female painter to have work purchased for the nation by the Chantrey Bequest (now the Tate collection). A pioneer in her day, she successfully ventured into the male dominated world of professional art. This book by ACMS member Olive Maggs celebrates the recent restoration and is the first study on the murals, examining both their iconography and the little known water-glass technique used in their making.

To order a copy and make arrangements for payment, please email us

Published by the Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey.

Softcover, 210 x 210mm, 32 pages with colour illustrations. Published 2012, ISBN: 9780953761531. Price £6.50 + £1.42 p&p.

Watts Gallery - A personal view by Richard Jeffries book cover Watts Gallery - A personal view by Richard Jeffries, compiled and edited by Desna Greenhow.

Memories from his twenty years as curator, and comments on paintings and sculptures in the collection.

Richard Jefferies was Curator of the Watts Gallery in Compton, Surrey, for two decades. His knowledge of the Victorian painter, G. F. Watts’ work and philosophy are matched by his entertaining way of expressing his fondness and admiration for him. His comments on the work and Watts’ deep appreciation of the issues of his day, are many of them relevant to the concerns our own times, and are brought before us by a master in the art of communicating. George Frederic Watts was considered in his lifetime one of the greatest English painters of the nineteenth century. Undoubtedly the foremost portrait painter, his Symbolist and social realism work earned him accolades from most of his fellow artists, and from the Establishment. Although he was nicknamed ‘England’s Michelangelo’, knowledge of his work plummeted after his death, and is only now enjoying a revival, a hundred years later.

Published by the Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey for the Watts Gallery.

Softcover, 40 pages with black & white illustrations. Published 2006, price £4.95. ISBN 0-9537615-2-5

Nature and Tradition book cover Nature and Tradition

Arts and Crafts architecture and gardens in and around Guildford

The Arts and Crafts Movement, an idealistic approach to the design of houses, gardens and craftworks, flourished in England between 1880 and 1910. Guildford is fortunate in having some fine works from this period and, in particular, early examples of the now legendary collaboration between garden designer, Gertrude Jekyll, and architect, Edwin Lutyens. This book can serve readers as an introduction to this fascinating period in which England led the world in searching for a new, informal and personal approach to domestic design.

Softcover, 76 pages with colour and black & white illustrations. New edition 2002 price £5.95. ISBN 0 9537615-1-7

The Word in the Pattern

The Word in the Pattern (1905): A Facsimile with Accompanying Essays on Mary Watts's Cemetery Chapel drawn from the Watts Gallery Symposium 2010
Edited by Mark Bills and Desna Greenhaugh

Contains Mary Seton Watts key to the symbols on the walls of the Watts Chapel at Compton. Originally published in 1905 and reprinted by The Arts and Crafts Movement in Surrey with accompanying essays.

Softcover, 112 pages with colour and black & white illustrations. New edition 2012 price £15.95. ISBN 095376155X

M.H. Baillie Scott - The Surrey Contribution. CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE M.H. Baillie Scott

The Surrey Contribution Work of an Arts and Crafts Architect

A booklet with photographs of buildings in Surrey, originally prepared to accompany the exhibition M.H. Baillie Scott: The Artistic House shown at Guildford House Gallery in the summer of 1996.

Softcover, 24 pages. Available either from the Society or The Watts Gallery price £2 **ONLY A FEW REMAINING**


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A bibliography for decorating and furnishing in the Gothic, Victorian, Edwardian or A&C style

The Arts and Crafts Home, Wendy Hitchmough, 2002, Pavilion Books

The Arts and Crafts House, Adrian Tinniswood, 2005, Mitchell Beazley Art & Design

Period House: An Owner's Guide, Albert Jackson, 2002, Collins

Suburban Style: The British Home, 1840-1960, Helena Barrett, 1993, Little, Brown & Co.

The Edwardian House, Helen Long, 1993, Manchester University Press (rrp: £18.99)


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A selection of the following books are available at lectures (discounts available for members) or click on the pictures to shop at

Gertrude Jekyll and the Country House Garden: From the Archives of Country Life by Judith B Tankard

Gertrude Jekyll and the Country House Garden is the first book in over two decades devoted to the most important garden designer of the twentieth century.

Gertrude Jekyll (1843–1932) laid the basis for modern garden design and is credited with popularizing an informal, naturalistic look in counterpoint to the rigid, formal landscapes of the Victorian era. Her collaboration with Edwin Lutyens produced seminal garden masterpieces of the Arts & Crafts movement, including Hestercombe and Folly Farm.

Also known as a prolific and influential writer, Miss Jekyll contributed more than one hundred articles to Country Life and designed three gardens for the publication’s founder, Edward Hudson. As a result, the Country Life archive has an unrivalled record of her work. This book includes a combination of both archival black-and-white and contemporary colour photographs highlighting a selection of the more than 350 gardens which Miss Jekyll created.

Judith B Tankard is a landscape historian, author and preservation consultant. She received an M.A. in art history from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University and taught at the Landscape Institute, Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, for 20 years. Her articles and book reviews have been published in many magazines, including Hortus, Apollo and Country Life. She lectures regularly both in the United States and Britain. She is the author or co-author of seven illustrated books on landscape history, including most recently Beatrix Farrand: Private Gardens, Public Landscapes and Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Movement.


The Leonard Stokes Directory: Architect in a Dressing Gown, Jan Ward, 2009, pub: Jan Ward (rrp £28)

Jan Ward is a long-standing member of the Society of whose ongoing research into the work of architect Leonard Aloysius Scott Stokes (1858-1925) we have been aware. We are therefore delighted to see the publication of her new book The Leonard Stokes Directory - Architect in a Dressing Gown.

Jan Ward’s interest in Leonard Stokes was kindled many years ago as a young planning technician for the local authority, when she visited Littleshaw - the house Stokes built for himself at Woldingham, high up on the North Downs of Surrey - to put up a site notice. In writing the book she has travelled the country photographing his buildings that still exist and the sites of some that don’t. His more famous buildings, in addition to Littleshaw, which is heralded by many as a fine example of Arts and Crafts architecture, include St Clare’s Church at Liverpool, additions to Emmanuel College, Cambridge and Downside School in Somerset together with Minterne House for Lord Digby in Dorset.

The book, privately published in May 2009, includes chapters about the life and work of Leonard Stokes and a gazetteer of more than 120 commissions, most with colour photographs and black and white illustrations. See further information on the book's website:


Charles Spooner, Arts and Crafts Architect by Alec Hamilton (published November 2012)Charles Spooner, Arts and Crafts Architect, Alec Hamilton, 2012, Shaun Tyas (rrp £40)

320 pages 284 illustrations, full colour throughout.

Charles Spooner was one of the four great names most identified with the Arts and Crafts by no less an observer than C R Ashbee: the other three were Sidney Barnsley, Ernest Gimson and W R Lethaby. Yet, while they are still revered, Spooner has effectively disappeared.
In this new, large-format architectural biography, Alec Hamilton brings Spooner’s work and life back into the light: his churches and church fittings; his houses; his furniture design; his writings and ideas; his friendships and partnerships. And reveals why this shy, diffident, saintly architect, unjustly neglected now, was so loved and admired in his lifetime. Further details & order form.


Hand, Heart and Soul - coverHand, Heart and Soul: The Arts and Crafts Movement in Scotland, Elizabeth Cumming, 2013, Birlinn (rrp £16.99).

Reprint of the 2007 edition released to accompany the exhibition of the same title in Edinburgh, Sheffield and Aberdeen in 2007-8.


Arts and Crafts Master: The Houses and Gardens of M H Baillie Scott, Ian Macdonald-Smith, 2010, Rizzoli International (rrp £35)

Thomas Mawson: Life, Gardens and Landscapes, Janet Waymark, 2009, Frances Lincoln (rrp £40)

Newlyn Copper: Arts and Crafts Copper Work in Newlyn, Daryl Bennett & Colin Pill, 2008, Redcliffe Press (rrp £24.95)


The Flowers of William Morris, Derek W. Baker, 1996, Chicago Review (rrp £16.50)


Letchworth the First Garden City, Mervyn Miller, 2002, Phillimore & Co (rrp £25)


Brentham: A History of the Pioneer Garden Suburb 1901-2001, Aileen Reid, 2000, Brentham Heritage Society (rrp £30)


The Architecture of Sir Ernest George, Hilary Grainger, 2011, Spire Books (rrp £65.00)

480 pages with 267 colour & 65 b/w illustrations, hardback.

Sir Ernest George (1839-1922) was one of our greatest late Victorian domestic architects, who with his three successive partners, carried out over 200 works at home and abroad. Widely acclaimed in his own time, he was also a watercolourist and etcher of significance. This is the first full study of George’s career, art and buildings, and will firmly establish his reputation as a leader of his profession. Magnificently illustrated and including new photography by leading architectural photographer Martin Charles, the text is scholarly yet highly readable. A full catalogue of works and an important new account of the 79 pupils and assistants known to have passed through his office, including Edwin Lutyens, Guy Dawber, and Ethel Mary Charles, the first female RIBA member, add considerable value to this pioneering work.

Professor Hilary Grainger is the acknowledged authority on George and the architecture of British crematoria. She is chair of the Victorian Society.

Telephone orders may be placed with Linda Hone at Spire Books on: 0118 947 1525.

Wandering Architects: In Pursuit of an Arts and Crafts Ideal, Michael Drury, 2000, Shaun Tyas (rrp £24)


James MacLaren, Arts & Crafts Pioneer, Alan Calder, 2003, Shaun Tyas (rrp £30)


Harold Falkner: More Than an Arts & Crafts Architect, Sam Osmond, 2003, Phillimore & Co (rrp £25)


West Surrey Architecture: 1840-2000, Christopher Budgen, 2002, The Heritage of Waverley Ltd (rrp £19.95). More...


International Arts and Crafts, Karen Livingstone & Linda Parry (Editors), 2005, V & A Publications (rrp £40)


W.A.S. Benson: Arts and Crafts Luminary and Pioneer of Modern Design, Ian Hamerton (Editor), 2005, Antique Collectors' Club Ltd (rrp £45)

Renowned for his imaginative and practical metal work designs, W.A.S. Benson is best known for his daring and innovative work in the sphere of electrical lighting. Examples of the latter have always been widely admired (even during his lifetime) and these attained iconic status, sold in galleries throughout Europe; they are becoming increasingly rare and desirable. As a close friend of both Morris and Burne-Jones, Benson was a quiet but committed member of the early Arts & Crafts Movement: an active founder member of the Art Workers' Guild and in 1914 founder of the Design and Industries Association. On the death of William Morris, Benson and his colleague Henry Carne Marillier stepped in and bought Morris & Co., running it alongside W.A.S. Benson & Co. until Benson's resignation in 1917.

Dr Ian Hamerton is an academic with a passion for the Arts & Crafts Movement, and President of the newly-formed C.F.A. Voysey Society. For many years, Ian has collected and researched different examples of the genre and counts himself fortunate to have lived for a time in a lodge designed by C.F.A. Voysey. An internationally recognised author, he has written or co-written over one hundred and twenty articles. In 2005, on the 150th anniversary of the birth of the subject, he was the driving force behind this book, the first work devoted to the life and work of the designer and architect William Arthur Smith Benson (1854-1924). In this extensively researched work, Ian was the editor and principal author, taking a hand in chapters on lighting, metalware and architectural works. The book, published by the Antique Collectors' Club in 2005, includes chapters about the life and work of W.A.S. Benson and a gazetteer of all his known architectural commissions (drawn together for the first time in this publication) and patent applications, extensively illustrated with newly-commissioned colour photographs of his lighting designs, and black and white images from Benson's own private collection.

In his free time, Ian has lectured widely on both Benson and Voysey e.g. to the National Trust (at Standen), the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society (York), at Blackwell in the Lake District, and to the William Morris Society in Hammersmith. He is currently engaged in research for his latest book project, dealing with Voysey's decorative designs.

The Crafts in Britain in the Twentieth Century, Tanya Harrod, 1999, Yale University Press (rrp £50)


Essential Arts and Crafts, Karen Livingstone, 2005, V & A Publications (rrp £14.99)


The Bromsgrove Guild: An Illustrated History, Quintin Watt (Editor), 1999, The Bromsgrove Society (rrp £11.95)

The Arts and Crafts Movement in the North West of England: A Handbook, Barrie & Wendy Armstrong, 2005, Oblong Creative Ltd (rrp £17.50)

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Philip Webb Pioneer of Arts and Crafts Architecture, Sheila Kirk, Wiley-Academy (rrp £60 hardback, £29.99 softback).

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Baillie Scott - The Artistic House, Diane Haigh, 1995, Wiley-Academy (rrp £29.99). More...

Christopher Dresser, Harry Lyons, 2004, Antique Collectors' Club Ltd (rrp £25)


The Jewellery and Silver of H.G. Murphy: Arts and Crafts to Art Deco, Paul Atterbury & John Benjamin, 2005, Antique Collectors' Club (rrp £35)


Arts and Crafts Furniture, John Andrews, 2005, Antique Collectors' Club Ltd (rrp £39.50)


C.R. Ashbee: Architect, Designer and Romantic Socialist, Alan Crawford, 2005, Yale University Press (rrp £25)


From William Morris: Building Conservation and the Arts and Crafts Cult of Authenticity, 1877-1939 (Studies in British Art), Chris Miele (Editor), 2005, Yale University Press (rrp £40)


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